Kyle Fong was born in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, moved to Shanghai in 2007 , Started his career shooting models , gradually developed his own distinctive style of photography.


He was spotted for his modeling work online by a major Chinese advertising company and began to collaborate with them for fashion shoots. He collaborated with top brands and fashion magazines, did shoot with the designers themselves including Kevin Carrigan, Viktor & Rolf , Stephen Jones and Pierre Hardy. His work has been published in magazines such as <<Harpers BAZAAR>> , <<ELLE>> , <<Numero>> , <<Marie Claire>> ,<<Modern Weekly>> and more .

Kyle's special niche is his enjoyment for shooting live music and musicians. Rock'n'Roll is his inspiration. His work on British artist Tricky was used by <<Numero>> magazine. Classic rock'n'roll underlines his entire photographic style and his passion for Rock'n'Roll will never change . 




随后,上海一家知名的广告公司在微博上通过他发表的作品找到了他并同他合作,开始了他的商业广告摄影生涯。此时,时尚品牌客户以及时尚杂志相继想同他合作拍摄名人肖像,包括CK的Kevin Carrigan, Viktor&Rolf ,Stephen Jones, Pierre Hardy 等国际知名设计师。与<<Harpers BAZAAR>> <<ELLE>><<周末画报>> and <<Numero>>等杂志合作拍摄时尚片使他与时尚一次次碰撞出灿烂的火花。

可是,作为一名摄影师,艺术家,总有着自己的那份与众不同的执着,喜欢独自去拍摄音乐现场和音乐人,拍摄属于自己的音乐。他所拍摄的英国音乐人Tricky 作品被刊登于大都市Numero杂志。